Welcome Woman of Troy! Yep, you’ve found it, the place where old gives character to the new.   The more feminine you are the stronger you become and where vintage metal and shabby sparkle collide to provide one of a kind fabulousness suitable to adorn a Woman of Troy.

Hold the phone, you say you don’t know what a Woman of Troy is? Sure you do, she’s YOU! She is super amazing, welcomes an impromptu good time, loves with her whole heart and can kiss the tears away in thirty seconds flat.  Come on, you know she’s in there.  Being a Woman of Troy is about loving your God, your life and your peeps like there’s no tomorrow.  THIS is a one shot party and you, my dear, are the hostess.  And your calling card often hangs from your neck, dangles from your wrist, points while you’re leading the way, and when you’re feeling really stellar adorning every appendage you have.  Come on, Woman of Troy, find yourself a sparkly morsel or two or three, and set the stage.  Use the good china every day and wear the special stuff for no reason at all.  Women of Troy say “no” to saving things for a special occasion, and yes to right this second.  Have fun my sister Women of Troy!


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