Heidi’s Book Report

Hey everybody! It’s me, Heidi! I asked Mom if I could do this week’s blog post because I wanted to do a book report on a really great book.  No, I haven’t learned to read yet.  That’ll probably be on my New Year’s resolutions list for next year.  Actually, I got to listen to Mom read a book to Samantha, and I think it’s a book that you should all read.

So my trainer, Ash, has been working with a young man who has Type 1 Diabetes.  This boy is named Gage and he wants to have a medical alert dog.  This dog would be trained to help alert him and his parents to when his blood sugar levels are going out of whack.  These dogs are super expensive because they need special training, so Gage is working hard to raise money and awareness.  He decided that writing a book would be a great way to do this.


Check it out!

 This boy is only 12 years old and he has already written and published his own book! He’s an inspiration to me to work hard at the things that really matter to you.  I feel lucky, though.  The training I have to learn isn’t life and death, but for Gage getting this dog could actually end up helping save his life someday.


Gage’s mom actually did all the animation herself.  Isn’t that awesome? This page was one of my favorites.  She drew an exact likeness of Ash! One of the reasons that I’m starting to like him (I’m definitely curious even if I’m not totally comfortable) is that he always has hotdogs in his hands.  And he really does wear shorts and boots like that.  Really, the resemblance is uncanny!


Samantha and I learned that kids with Type 1 Diabetes are just like other kids.  Except they have to be really careful about their health.  It’s hard to play and even sleep through the night because people like Gage have to test their blood all the time.  I don’t think I would make it if I had what Gage has.  If I had to get poked in the finger with a needle all the time I would be scared to death.  I don’t think I could do it.


Oh, here was another part of the book that I loved.  His mom included a whole bunch of homemade dog cookie recipes! How amazing is that? I think Gage’s mom sounds very talented.  She can draw, provide wonderful, loving care to her son and baked homemade dog cookies.  She must be a miraculous woman.


Here’s Gage! I haven’t met him, but he sounds wonderful.  He has a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GagesNewFriend and if you’re interested in finding out more information about helping him raise money for his special dog, or buying a copy of his book this should tell you everything you need to know.  And you should be his friend.  I’d like to be his friend.

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