Holly’s Field Trip

I have exciting news for everybody! Oh, by the way, this is Holly.  Remember when I told you I might be invited to Samantha’s school for reading week? Well, I was! And it was awesome.  As I mentioned before this year’s reading week had an international theme, which, being a German Shepard I fit into brilliantly.  So the librarian asked Mom if she would bring me and share all the blog posts that Heidi and I have written.  Apparently people seem to care more about what Heidi and I have to say than Mom.  Poor Mom.  We still all love the heck out of her anyway.


Look at me! I’m on stage! I’ll just pretend there isn’t a gigantic picture of Heidi right there, too.

So Mom said yes, she’d be happy to read stories and of course I got to sit on stage and simply look gorgeous.  And right smack in the middle of the crowd was the most important kiddo of all, Samantha.  I’m not given to being nervous, but if I had been I tell you being able to look out there and see the pride on that girl’s face would have wiped any nerves away.


I was so excited I just sat in the middle of the floor staring at the door willing children to run through it and straight to me.  Guess what? It totally worked! That’s exactly what happened!

It really was an incredible experience having all these faces staring up at me adoringly.  I know what they’re thinking.  They’re wondering how soon they can come and pet me.  Fortunately, after each presentation every single child was allowed to come up and lavish me with love.  It was heaven.  And guess who wasn’t there.  That’s right.  Heidi.  It was all about me! Paw pump in the air, oh yeah!

Anyway, it was so much fun just sitting there, listening to Mom share all of our stories all over again.  Then she took questions from the audience.  It turns out the most asked question from the children was how exactly do Heidi and I write our blog? These kids sure are smart and really think these things through.  I think it’s because kids just have such great imaginations.  One of the kids actually asked if we typed on the keyboard with our noses! Since the teachers made it a point to let us know that they would be checking in on the blog periodically to see what Heidi and I are up to I’m going to have to refrain from saying.  Heidi and I have worked out a system of determining who gets to write what when and how.  So the way we write will remain a secret for now.

The day turned out just terrific! They had a bowl of water ready for me whenever I wanted and even when it was all done Mom let me sit in the back of the room for the rest of the presentations.  It was almost time for school to get out so we decided to hang out for a while, which meant I sat in a pile of kids and got petted for an extended period of time.

Oh, Heidi and I got such a wonderful compliment! A couple of the teachers came up to Mom and told her that we should compile all of these stories into a book and have someone illustrate it.  I want to know if you all think we should do that, too.  I think it’s a great idea, but I also thought it was a great idea for Mom and Dad to never have anyone else but me in the house, so apparently not everyone else agrees with my great ideas.  I think it would be fun, and Heidi and I are pretty much writing the whole blog ourselves these days.  Since the posts we write are the most popular Mom has decided to turn the blog over to us.  We’ll probably have to rename it.  Oooo, that’s a good question for everyone.  If you could rename our blog and make it full-time all about us what should it be called? Maybe we could give away a prize to the person whose name we choose.  Did I just come up with a contest? Mom makes really pretty jewelry.  Maybe she’ll give some of it away.  I better check with her on all of this.  See? I’m just full of great ideas.  I think maybe the excitement of my field trip has gone to my head.  Whatever.  I think it’s a fabulous idea.  Let me know what you think! I’m going to go chase a ball now….

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