News Flash! We’re Officially a Pack!


Yep, they did it.  They went and got a puppy.  He has peed in my bed twice.  That’s about all I have to say on the matter.  I’m just going to go be by myself now.


Oh my gosh!!! They got me a puppy! This is so amazing! He’s been a little growly, but that’s just because he was part of a pack that was surrendered to a shelter and allowed to run a little bit wild.  Mom is totally working on not letting him not get away with that behavior, and it seems to be working.  We’re starting to play together.

He’s so adorable.  Seriously, I could just tuck him in close to me and lick him all over.  I can’t wait until we’re playing all over the back yard having the time of our lives.  Oh, and he is so brave already.  He has gone through the dog door and he’s already going to do training sessions with Ash.  He’s so tired when he gets back that he just sleeps and sleeps.  He’s so precious when he sleeps.  His little feet just twitch.  I can imagine he’s dreaming like crazy about running around playing with me.

I love helping him go up and down stairs.  I remember how hard it was for me when I first got here, and I’m already tall! Poor little guy can lumber up them pretty good, but coming down sometimes his back end gets ahead of his front end.  Good thing puppies kind of skid and bounce well.

Guess what? I’m helping potty train him! Isn’t that amazing? It took me a while to get it, so I’m trying to help him get over that curve faster.  He pooped in the dining room the other morning when it was still dark.  I’ll be darned if Mom didn’t walk right through that pile of poop in her slippers.  Poor Mom.  I think her life is destined to be about poop a lot.

Right now this little guy isn’t really sleeping well through the night, but we’re a team and we’ll get him over his fear of being alone.  We’re trying to figure out what’s going to work best and I just know that if Mom and Dad could help me start to become more confident and sure of myself that we can get little Sig (Dad says this is for something called a Sig Sauer because he’s a little pistol) able to sleep through the night.

 Introducing Sig:


Hi! My name is Sig!

I’m a puppy and I’m just learning my name.  And how to potty outside, go up and down stairs and do something called sit.  I already like my family, and my mom is spectacular.  Dad is so much fun.  I just love that big guy so much already.  I like Ash.  He is teaching Mom and Dad how to play with me.  Samantha is fun, and I’m figuring out how to play with the girls.  Holly is definitely the boss and Heidi told me we have our own blog.  I don’t know what a blog is, but Heidi says that it’s where we tell stories about our life.  I don’t have many stories yet.  I’m only 17 weeks old.  I had five brothers and sisters, and we didn’t get to stay with our birth mom long.  We ended up in something called a shelter with lots and lots of other dogs.  I miss my brother and sisters, but my new family has made me feel really welcome.  I eat lots of hotdogs here.  I like hotdogs.  They have a bunch of chickens, but I don’t really care about them.  I definitely don’t want to mess with their cat.  I can tell this is a home where animals are welcome and loved.

I think that’s it for now.  I’ll try to remember more stuff to tell more stories.  I hope I have a life that’s interesting enough to tell stories about.  So far I like it.

Hey everyone.  As you can see we have introduced a new animal to our home, which officially means we have a pack.  We’ve been honored with the opportunity to foster Sig (used to be named Cobalt), and so far he has been a treasure.  He is sweet tempered, extremely confident and fun loving.  Many people might think we’re crazy, and I know we originally said no puppies.  However, it occurred to us that Heidi could really use someone to play with who can tap into her inner puppy.  Holly has the heart for play, but not the hips for it.  So, when the opportunity presented itself for us to foster one of the Atomic Litter (they were named things like Cobalt, Mercury, Argon, Zinc, etc.) we decided the time was right.  We didn’t enter into this lightly (although, it could be very easy to become distracted with the overwhelming cuteness of Mal puppies), and consulted at length with our dear friend, trusted adviser, dog trainer and part-time therapist, Ash.

As many of you know Heidi has been a special dog and challenging rescue from the very beginning.  Whoever had her for the beginning of her life did horrible things to her that have had an unimaginable and devastating impact on her.  We have slowly but surely been helping her become more confident and curious about the world and the people in it.  We wanted this new addition to be an animal that would be a benefit to her as well as to our entire family.  Thus far Sig has been amazing.  He’s still little and we have much to learn from him, but I hope you will welcome his perspective in this blog.  I have a feeling this little guy will have lots to say.

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