Stithes, Thmoke and Poop

Hey everybody! Ith Heidi! Firtht off, Mom wanted me to tell you that the’s thorry that the blog went dark for a few weekth. The thaid that April ith the lotht month of 2014. I think the thoudn’t get cocky becauth there’s a lot more months left in the year that the could looth thtill. I hope the doesthn’t looth another month. How do you looth a month? I mean, I looth my toyth thometimeth, but I think thath different.

Tho, you probably notithed that my wordth look funny. I tend to write how I talk, and right now I kind of talk funny. Hereth the thtory. Right before Eathter Dad was throwing the ball for Holly and me. He tothed the ball for uth and thinthe I didn’t already have one in my mouth like uthual I hauled butt to get it. I’m younger and fathter than Holly, but apparently, the’s thtill thronger. I caught the ball firtht. Yay me! And the got it thecond. Yay her! Exthept that the way the got it wath by taking it out of my mouth. The betht way to do that is cutting through my lip with her teeth. Tho thith ith what happened.


 Doethn’t that look groth?

I’m proud to thay that even though I bled a lot I never cried. Thee? I’m braver than I thought!

Well, my lip wath dangling in a very annoying way, tho Dad had to take me to the vet to thew it all back up firtht thing Eathter morning. Mom wathn’t very happy. Me either. I hate the vet. Why doeth this thtuff alwayth happen to me? Mom thaid they’ve had Holly for 11 yearth and ith crathy that more hath happened to me in sixth months than in Holly’th whole life. I gueth I cathed in all my lucky cardth when I got my new home. If thatth the cathe then I’m going to be pretty sthcarred up by the time I croth the Rainbow Bridth. Whatever.

Anyway, tho we got pathed all that thillyness and now I have this dang lithp. Dad thays ith lucky I’m tho cute. But I’m afraid my perfectly beautiful fathe will be thcarred. Dad thays it’ll make me look tougher. Maybe it will make me tougher! He altho thaid the lithp won’t latht forever. Just until my stithes come out. I think I heard the vet thay two months, but I wath kind of out of it, tho that could be wrong. I hope.


So does this make me look tough?

I learned about thomething thith week that I hate. The thmoke detector. Mom wath roathting a thicken in the oven and thmoke started pouring out. I gueth when the thkin on the thicken thtarts popping it maketh the oven thmoke. Thuddenly the loudetht noith came from all the thmoke detectors. Every. Thingle. One of them. I didn’t know where to go! I ran up the thtairs to hide, but of courth I pooped. I couldn’t help it. Two poops. Right there on the thtairs. Just like before. Ith completely uncontrollable. I was thaking so bad that I couldn’t thtand up. Dad kept me in his offith with him until all the crathiness died down. Mom burned a pieth of toatht in the toathter a few dayth later and I managed to hold it together. I thtill ran away, but no pooping. I with Mom would thtop burning thtuff!

I gueth thath it for this week. There was lotth of other things that happened this month, but I’ll thave it for later. My brain ith tired from writing the way I talk.

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