“The Woman”

I have always loved old things and enjoy taking bits and pieces, pulling them together and creating something shiny and new.  I feel kind of like Tinkerbell holding on to her collection of lost things until she figures out where they’re supposed to go.  Most the time I try to incorporate at least three different vintage findings into each piece, which means there’s a lot of history in my jewelry…the mystery is what exactly that is! It’s like wearing a secret.
I find things all over, but my favorite is when I discover some forgotten item in the corner of an antique store.  I’m an avid gardener, so I draw a lot of inspirtion from the jewels that I grow, which means flowers are a big theme for me.  I love bringing the outside indoors! I do like the heavy feel of metal and glass, though, so you’ll see a combination of hard combined with soft.
Since I can’t wear everything I decided to share my “lost things” with all the other treasure seekers out there.

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